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In response to the Observer article “How poverty wages for tea pickers fuel India’s trade in child slavery”

Sunday 21st July saw the publication in the Observer of an investigative report by the journalist Gethin Chamberlain.  This report looked at the situation regarding the payment of low and inadequate wages to tea pickers in the Assam region of India.  A major tea growing region.  We welcome the fact this article has highlighted the … Continue reading

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Field Notes from Sri Lanka, Part 2: Out of the Forest, Walking in the Lion’s Den

Noah Jackson – an auditor for the Rainforest Alliance’s agriculture and forestry programmes and a regular contributor to our Frog Blog — continues his report from a recent trip to Sri Lanka. It’s dark and musty. We’ve spent the past hour inside a cool earth abode. Built with mud bricks and braced with bamboo slats, the … Continue reading