You’re getting to know us, and to trust us.

Whether you’re a local charity, a small business, a large multi-national company or a global conservation organisation like the Rainforest Alliance there is one common challenge that has to be faced by all.  In this age of mass communications – at least here in the developed world – where people are used to receiving thousands of messages almost every hour of every day how do you make sure your voice is being heard?  There is much talk about communications overload, but almost in the spirit of evolution many of us have learnt to become experts at dealing this in bombardment of facts, opinions, advertising, marketing and yes propaganda.  We have simply learnt how to be selective and how to filter.  Our selection is often based upon our values and what it is that interests us.  In many ways this makes in even more difficult for many organisations to get their messages across.  This is particularly true for those who have limited or no resources to throw at communications.

Yet there are so many organisations with so many good stories to tell.  So how do you get heard?  There is no easy answer but two ways which help are your level of recognition among the audiences you want to talk to, and as importantly, your level of trust.  We’re pleased to say that at the Rainforest Alliance we feel we are having success in both these areas.

A recent global survey, TUI Travel Sustainability Survey 2010 by TUI Travel PLC produced some very interesting results.  Not only in terms of travel but also looking at how well a range of environmental and social labels were perceived by consumers. This was a global survey covering eight major market places, include the UK, US, Germany and Russia.  The findings for the UK were very interesting.

Of those people surveyed 73 per cent said they had seen the Rainforest Alliance.  Even more impressively 77 per cent said they trusted the Rainforest Alliance with 38 per cent saying we were a very trust worthy organisation.

We’re really pleased with these findings.  But don’t worry we’re not complacent.  There is still so much to tell you about all the great things we’re doing, whether through our agricultural programme, our forestry work, our work on sustainable tourism, or our growing climate change initiative.  You can see more of what we do here.  And we’ll be featuring stories from all these areas of work on this blog.

So how about helping us spread the word?  If you have enjoyed this Frog Blog why not tell your friends, send them a tweet, send them an email or post something on facebook?  Let them know we’re here and how they can read all about us.

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