Rainforest Alliance

That was the week that was.

Wow what a week it’s been.  Our first ever Rainforest Alliance Week.  We gave it a try and we think it works.  What do you think? We’ve had a busy time and great fun too, but most importantly we want to thank you for supporting us and the work we do.

Thank you for following the frog.  What did you do?  Go on tell us

How did you follow the frog?  Nice coffee? Great tea? Lovely chocolate?  Or did you find yourself on holiday in a hotel or lodge working with our tourism programme?  There are just so many ways to follow the frog.  And isn’t it great that by doing so you’re part of a movement who cares about protecting the rainforests, its biodiversity, the communities who live in the forests and all of their futures.

We’ve had fun seeing all the different ways you have followed the frog.  Thanks to the more than 1,000 new people who liked our Facebook page, thank you to all of you who are following us on Twitter, it was great to hear from so many of you and to see your support being tweeted far and wide.

Did you take a look at our website and the great How to shop safely video?  And have you looked at the inspiring slide show from Noah Jackson?  Noah is not only a wonderful photographer and story teller, he’s also an auditor who spends a vast amount of time living and working with rainforest communities around the world.  So the slide show Our Collective Harvest: A Journey across Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms truly is a view from the field.

Some many companies have also shown their support for our first Rainforest Alliance week.  From Kenco coffee and their great blog on this site, to Mars’ Galaxy chocolate and their posts via their own Facebook page, which has over one million followers!  From Yorkshire Tea with their blog and the visit of Little Urn to our offices in London, to Magnum ice cream and Tetley Tea.  And not forgetting the great teams at Exchange Coffee, Cool Earth and Drury Tea and Coffee.

We hope you’ve enjoyed out blog this week too.  We’ve been posting every day and during the course of the week we hope you’ve been able to see the breath of the work we do, in agriculture, forestry, tourism and climate change.

We hope you’ve enjoyed following the frog and much as we’ve enjoyed spending this week with you.  Of course you can always keep following the frog by making sure you choose products that carry the green frog seal, and do keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, through our website and, of course via this blog.

Now there is one last thing we want you to do to follow the frog.  It’s the weekend, so why not tell your friends about the Rainforest Alliance and how they too can follow the frog.

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