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Global Business of Forests

As we continue to mark the UN’s International Year of Forests, the Global Business of Biodiversity (GBOB) will be holding the world’s first ever Global Business of Forests GBOF) Symposium at the end of this month in London.

Leading experts and businesses from across the globe will converge to collaborate and discuss the issues that are at the heart of our environmental concerns and to raise awareness of the opportunities that are emerging for business and industry going forward.


The decline in ecosystem services poses major risks to business and is an issue that should be considered from the boardroom down.


As ecological services deteriorate, the security of supply can be threatened, operating margins squeezed and license to operate put at far greater risk.


Just as climate mitigation and adaptation have spurred the development of new environmental markets and business models, biodiversity conservation likewise offers significant opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.


The forthcoming symposium will draw together a host of experts from across many sectors to address these issues, and in particular advise business on the most effective ways of dealing with them.


Since the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, the focus on forests internationally has pretty much been exclusively on the environmental concerns – genuine concerns, but without regard to the other important functions of forests in providing economic benefits, including livelihoods for 1.6 billion of the poorest of the poor and social and cultural contributions as well; almost half of the medicines utilised around the world, timber and non-timber forest products come from forests.


Providing a forum for business representatives from paper, pulp, timber and finance industries, with policymakers and environmental leaders, is a positive step in raising awareness of the importance of forests in delivering essential benefits and services for people everywhere.


The event, which will take place on 28th November 2011 at the IET, Savoy Place London WC2R 0BL, runs in parallel with GBOB2 to engage with a broader, cross-sector of businesses and their interests than ever before, including Banking and Finance, Communications, Hospitality, Sport and Leisure, Retail, Food and Beverages, Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp, Paper, Timber, Packaging, Accountancy & Legal professions, Trade Associations and other business focused organisations.


Visit the conference website: http://www.gbob.co/events


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