Rainforest Alliance

Sustainable Living Live Debate

Rainforest Alliance’s president, Tensie Whelan, has arrived in London to take part in the Unilever and Guardian Sustainable Living live debate to discuss how companies, brands and people can help mainstream sustainable living. Tensie sent this note to the Frog Blog:

I am looking forward to the Sustainable Living Debate on Tuesday. Sustainable Living entails both sustainable production–protecting our natural resources and producers–and sustainable consumption–consuming less in the western world and more ethically.


We are beginning to make progress on sustainable production–though there is a long way to go–but we also need to redefine and redesign consumption.
Most importantly, we have to make it easy for people, which means that the private sector, government and civil society need to provide innovative solutions that address the needs of both the developed and developing world.
If you can, please join us and watch the debate at 2pm on Tuesday 22 November, and send in your questions! You can register here.

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