Rainforest Alliance

New Facebook App from Tetley’s Farmers First Hand

Our friends over at Tetley have just launched the Tetley’s Tea Plucker Challenge on their Farmers First Hand Facebook page. The fun new Facebook application allows users to pluck a virtual tea field, whilst learning about sustainability, tea production and Tetley’s commitment to the Rainforest Alliance.

The application, which is hosted on the Farmers First Hand Facebook page, will run for five weeks. It allows users to pluck at least three leaves a day from a tea field. Each pluck could reveal a number of surprises such as a video message from the farmers, a prize or another pluck.  Users are also rewarded for inviting their friends to join in the fun.

The game enables Tetley to talk about their work with us in an entertaining and engaging way. In order to play the game you must be a fan on the page. If you’d like to try your luck then head over to the Facebook page now: www.facebook.com/TetleysFarmersfirsthand.

Tetley’s Farmers First Hand Facebook page allows consumers to communicate directly with tea producing communities in Malawi who are working towards gaining certification for their farms. Tea farmers and estate workers use phones and cameras provided by Tetley to share what they are doing. They upload text messages, photographs and video clips to the Facebook page, allowing consumers to experience the estate’s journey towards certification as it happens, and get a sense of day-to-day life on a tea estate. Visitors are able to communicate directly with the tea workers and each other via the Facebook page and add their comments.

While you are there, why not visit the Rainforest Alliance page and ‘like’ us too: www.facebook.com/RainforestAlliance.

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